Meet The Animals


Picture it: the embrace of a soft breeze, fresh dew laden pasture underfoot, a warm glow on the horizon, and the sound of cattle contentedly grazing. Beef as it should be- grass fed, sustainably raised, nutrient dense, safe for your family.

The health, diversity, and fertile soil of the prairies was created by the migration of massive herds of buffalo grazing and trampling grass to the soil surface. Our grazing system mimics this natural system by using portable fencing to move (migrate) our animals across our lush pastures. The results have been stunning, the natural system has been reinvigorated, and the land is healing. We grow more grass, filter more water, sustain more wildlife, cultivate more plant diversity, and further increase the biological activity of the soil each year. We do this while simultaneously producing some of the most nutrient dense, favorable, tender beef possible.


Our Lambs spend their entire lives on the lush pastures of our rolling hills. Just like the cattle, the sheep are rotated across our verdant fields. They uniquely select forbs (some call them weeds), brush, and shrubs as well as grass to round out their diet. Because of their unique diet preference we use them to control brush allowing us to forgo the use of herbicides and save the cost and diesel fuel of mechanically mowing our fields. We like to call it working with nature instead of against it. Speaking of working with nature, all of our ewes (female sheep) give birth in the spring when the weather is pleasant and there is abundant forage. This means we don't need to provide a barn, supplemental heat or hay. They get everything they need for their young from our pastures and the natural shelter of our trees. Selected for quality, our Salad Bar Lamb is savory, nutrient dense, and packed with flavor. A meal the whole family will gather round the table for.


Our range pastured hens get to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy plenty of sunlight daily, only spending nights in their egg mobile. Each day their diet consists of a super nutrient rich intake of a diverse diet of forage, bugs, seeds and heritage (non-GMO) grains. This diet is not only incredibly healthy for them, but is transferred to their eggs for your family to enjoy. The result: nutrient packed eggs with a quality and heartiness that Grandma will fondly remember from her days on the farm.

When the buffalo ruled the prairies large flocks of birds followed them wherever they went. Similarly our hens are moved routinely in their egg mobile to follow in the fields after the cows sanitizing, debugging, and fertilizing the fields along the way- a job they simply love to do.