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Bacon - with sugar - No nitrates (Please Click And Read Full Ingredient List Before Purchasing)

Bacon - with sugar - No nitrates (Please Click And Read Full Ingredient List Before Purchasing)

1 l 12oz pkg.

Ingredients With Sugar Explanation

You may have noticed that for the first time our bacon, hams, and a few other pork products have sugar in them. 

This was a terrible mistake that our processor made! We told them in writing that we wanted a sugar, nitrate free and clean label - pork, water, sea salt. 

Instead they did over 1000lbs of bacon and hams with sugar and a very unclean label - no nitrates though. We were and are devastated. I cannot tell you the level of our disappointment (and honestly a little anger). 

We have decided to offer it on the site simply because the alternative is to have nothing for bacon, or hams. All products with sugar are listed "with sugar" in the title. We are actively working to get more pasture pigs processed but it will likely be 2+ months (possibly 6). If possible please make do with the sugar added items as it would really help us out - though we fully understand if this just won't work for you.

Please Read Ingredient List Listed To The Right Prior To Purchase. --->


Pasture Raised Pork, A bunch of crap we told processor in writing NOT to include: raw cane sugar, waxy rice starch, sea salt, honey powder, non-GMO molasses powder (molasses, maltodextrin), pure maple syrup, natural maple flavor (with propylene glycol), beef extractive, applewood smoke powder (potato maltodextrin, applewood smoke flavor, silicon dioxide), tart cherry powder (cherry powder, organic cane sugar (evaporated cane juice), and silicon dioxide (anti-caking)), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Non- GMO expeller pressed canola oil, spice extractives.