Real Milk  A2A2 (Frozen)

Real Milk A2A2 (Frozen)

1/2 Gallon
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Why We Are Out Of Stock

I am afraid I have some sad news to share. So the dairy that we partnered with abruptly and without warning informed us they were going conventional genetically modified grain fed instead of the 100% grass fed as they had been doing. 

We were pretty shocked. Because milk production is highest when the grass is green and growing we had planned on milk being in short supply for the winter. However, we had not expected to have none. 

We are now actively looking for another grass based dairy to partner with. My hopes are not high on this however. There are many dairies but I am not aware of any that are reasonably close, 100% grass fed (that eliminates all but 1 I know of in the entire state), impeccably clean, and offering raw milk. Because of this we are actively considering starting our own 100% grassfed raw milk dairy. Please be praying for wisdom for us as we consider different options. 

Regardless of what we decide. The soonest we would likely have milk is mid spring. I wish I had better news. However I wanted to make you all aware of what has happened. 

We really appreciate your care, support, and words of encouragement. We also hope you will choose to continue to enjoy our other pasture raised GMO free products. It would be easy to compromise in this situation and quickly find a dairy that feeds grain and offers raw milk. 

However, we are committed to real nutrient rich pasture based food, and the health of our family and your family. Because of this we will not compromise our standards. We immensely value the trust you have placed in us.

Your Farmer-David 

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A2A2 Real Milk - 1/2 Gallon

-Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness

-100% Grass Fed to Finish - Absolutely No Grain

-Extremely Nutrient Dense

-Cream on Top - No Homogenization

-Raw - Unpasteurized To Preserve Nutrients And Ensure Your Health

-Produced In A Spotless Parlor By Cows That Spend Their Lives On Pasture

-Cows Never Treated With Human Growth Hormone

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