Welcome To The 2021 Beef Harvest Event!

√ We Have Beef Back In Stock :)
√ Brand New 1/8 Beef Box
√ Best of Beef Box Is Back
√ 100% Grass Fed To Finish Beef
√ Always Non GMO
√ Raised With Care On Our Family Farm

2021 Beef Harvest Event Ends In:

The 1/8 Beef Box Is Back!

Beef For Special Occasions

2 l 12oz. Strip Steaks

3 l 12oz. Rib Eye Steaks

10 l 1lb. Packs Premium Ground Beef

Beef For Grilling

2 l 8oz Sirloin Steaks

1 l 8oz Ranch Steak

Beef For Supper

1 l 2 lb. Chuck Roast

1 l 12oz Beef For Stew

10-12 l 1 lb. pkgs of Ground Beef (Because the weights of some of the cuts (especially the roasts) vary somewhat the range on ground beef ensures the entire bundle always weighs 30lbs :)

New Harvest Bundles

Exclusive Bundle Savings


I first tried Fed from the Farm beef and pork at my parent's house when I had the sage breakfast sausage and bacon infused burgers!! They were both so delicious and I never once felt the discomfort I usually feel when eating beef or pork. This alone tells me that this family takes pride in the quality of what they sell. I recently bought a package from Fed from the Farm and it's been so good! Their tenderloin kabobs are so juicy and tender. I was intimidated by all of it being frozen and not having a good texture or flavor, but that has not been issue at all. This family farm cares about the health and future of people and it shows! Do yourself a favor order from this farm!!
Bryanna B.
Fed From The Farm has made it so easy to buy directly from your local, trusty farmer! They practice regenerative farming which is so vital for the health of the land and all of us. Our family so appreciates the this farmer’s dedication to providing our region with nutrient dense food. Store bought food is soooo pallid in comparison. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Pam H.
Just what we've been looking for! Local, sustainably farmed meat delivered to our door with no subscription required, and no requirement to buy a whole cow. So far we've enjoyed great burgers and really delicious steak. Just in time for grilling season. My whole family enjoys the video updates from the farm. So much better than trying (and lately, failing) to find quality organic meat at our local grocery stores. Pretty sure we will be super long-term customers!!!
Carley R.

After a long long wait to finally get our 100% Grass Fed To Finish Beef processed what better way to celebrate the beginning of spring on our farm and this natural seasonal abundance then to pass on savings to you and your family from our farm's bounty!

This has been a crazy and intense year for all of us. We are honored at the trust you have placed in us to provide nutrient rich food for your family. Thank you 

Your Farmers

-David, Mariah, Judah and Ephraim

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