Meet Our Partner Farms

Regenerative farming is a huge commitment and it can be very challenging at times. Over the years we have actively built relationships with other pasture based farms to encourage and help each other and to make all of our farm's more resilient. 

These are personal farming friends of ours that share our passion for nutrient rich food and regenerative agriculture. Some of them are mentors in our own regenerative farming story.

It is our dream to see more land healed and for more families to be able to receive nourishing pasture raised food. We are honored to have these like minded farm families join the Fed From The Farm Family and offer the bounty of their regenerative farms to all of our families. 

The Linnenbringer Family

Luke, Hannah and their growing family manage a diversified pasture based farm in central Missouri. In their own words they are "Professional Solar Collectors; Ecosystem Developing Rejuvenating Agriculturalists." They are also our resident "eggsperts" and keep all the laying hens on their farm where they free range on open pastures hunting for forbs and insects and supplemented with non gmo grains they grow themselves. Without Luke's influence early on in our regenerative farming journey, we likely would never have had laying hens.

The Weiler Family

 Ken and his family take care of all the pasture raised piggies! They do an incredible job with the animals and with stewarding the land. We are honored to work with Ken and his family. When I asked him to describe his farm here is what Ken said "Here on the Weiler Farm we really care about soil health and the future of our health for our family and many others!!! We rotate our sheep, cows and pigs onto fresh paddocks to keep improving the land every year it keeps getting better!!!! With the help of all the microbes in our soil and regenerative practices we can grow healthy food!!! We are so excited to be able to do this I thank the Good Lord every day for making this possible!!!"

The Moser Family

The Moser's contribution to the farm can be stated very simply. Without the Mosers we would have no milk! After Austin and Kelli Williams hung up their dairy hats the Moser's stepped in and took over our herd of dairy cows. Scott and Rachel do a great job grazing the dairy girls across fresh pasture (never any grain). They genuinely care for their farm and the dairy cows; and it shows. Each day the cows reward them with incredibly 100% grass fed A2A2 milk.

The Brown Family

Paul is a a 3rd generation farmer on Brown's Ranch where they focus on growing healthy soils. In 2010 after returning home from college, he started to diversify the livestock enterprises on the ranch and added chickens, pigs, and sheep to the ranch which already raised beef cattle. It is their belief that if food is raised on healthy soil, then it has higher nutrient-density which makes for a healthier and more flavorful product. Paul and his father Gabe Brown are personal friends and mentors of Mariah and myself. We simply would not be farming the way we are today without them. We are honored that Brown's Ranch is willing to help provide 100% grass fed to finish beef for all our families.