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How It Works - From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

There are several convenient ways your family can enjoy our farm's pasture raised bounty!

Whether you live next door or across the country, your family can enjoy peace of mind and nutrient rich pasture raised food from our farm!

Option 1. Buying Club Pickups

If you live near our farm or in a surrounding city you can select a "Buying Club Pickup Location" (including the one on our farm). You simply order online and then meet our delivery van at the Buying Club Location and Time You Selected.

The best thing about the Buying Club Pickup is you get to meet our amazing helpers (and us) as we make the deliveries. Plus Buying club's have no order minimums, pricing is the lowest as we have very little cost in packaging and all our dairy products are available.

Learn More About Buying Clubs Here

Option 2. Local Home Delivery

If you live near our farm or in a select few cities you can choose "Local Home Delivery." You simply order online and then your order is delivered the afternoon of the Pickup date you choose.

The best thing about Local Home Delivery is you don't have to adjust your schedule! We bring your order to your city in our refrigerated delivery van and then give it to a select courier who immediately delivers it to your home.You know right when it is coming and don't have to try to adjust your schedule to meet us at a Buying Club Pickup.

Order minimums are also low - $38, and you get free delivery on orders over $150 - otherwise delivery is a flat $10 charge. Milk is also available for Local Home Delivery.

Learn More About Local Home Delivery Here

Option 3. Home Delivery

If you live a little (or a lot :) further from our farm you can select "Home Delivery." You simply order online and then your order is delivered via Fed Ex/ UPS on the day you selected.

The best thing about Home Delivery is you can get our farm's pasture raised goodness anywhere in the country! We have a special box that keeps everything super cold and we even have a super special box for delivering eggs! Free delivery on orders of $150 or more!

Learn More Home About Delivery Here

Three Easy Steps To Get Started

Create An Account

Create your free account and choose the Buying Club Pickup or Home Delivery Option That's Right For You.


Shop our online store for nutrient rich, pasture raised foods. (Save money when you buy in bulk.)


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from nourishing your family with confidence!