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Pasture Raised Food and Peace of Mind Delivered To Your Home

Home Delivery

If you live a little (or a lot :) further from our farm you can select "Home Delivery." You simply order online and then your order is delivered via Fed Ex/ UPS on the day you selected.

The best thing about Home Delivery is you can get our farm's pasture raised goodness anywhere in the country! We have a special box that keeps everything super cold and we even have a super special box for delivering eggs! Free delivery on orders of $149 or more!

Getting Started

Choose Home Delivery

Simply create an account, enter your zip code and choose "Home Delivery"

Make Selections

Place an order for some of our farm's pasture raised abundance and choose the day you want to receive it.


Enjoy the convenience of real pasture raised food delivered frozen to your doorstep on the day you selected.

How Our Special Insulated Boxes Work

Common Questions

Why home delivery?

We understand that making a pickup time work in your busy schedule can be extremely difficult! Our goal is for this home delivery program is for it to be a huge blessing for your family and allow you to have access to real pasture raised nutrient rich food that you can eat with confidence!

When will my order be delivered?

Orders are shipped every week. When you place your order you will choose an estimated delivery date based on your distance from the farm. Once we pack your order you will get an email with a tracking number so you can know exactly when it will arrive. Depending on your distance from the farm your order can arrive as early as the next day. All orders are packing in recyclable insulated coolers to ensure your order arrives frozen or very cold on your doorstep.

What if I'm not home?

No worries. Your order will be delivered in an insulated and fully recyclable box. We just ask that once you return home you unpack your order as soon as possible. 

How should I expect my order to arrive?

Your order will be carefully packaged in recyclable insulated cooler inside a sturdy box with dry ice and potentially ice packs depending on the season. These should keep your order very cold. Any freshly thawed items can either be refrigerated or refroze for later use as long as they are still cool to the touch.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping cost is $15. Though all orders over $149 Ship for free!!! There is a $75-$150 order minimum (minimum depends on your distance from the farm. The further the distance the larger the order needs to be to ensure it will stay cold in transit).

Who will deliver my order?

A friendly FedEx, UPS, or Independent Courier. If you are around when they drop off their order make their day and give them a friendly hello and a smile! 

When will my card be charged?

Because many items are charged by the pound (because they vary slightly in size) we will not know your exact total until the order is packed at which time your card will be charged and you will receive an email with total.

Can I recycle my packaging?

Yes! We wanted to ensure the environmental impact of this service was a net positive. The insulated cooler is made from recycled paper and it along with the sturdy outer box are both fully curbside recyclable. We use dry ice (frozen Co2) which evaporates fully. Best of all our pasture based regenerative farming methods sequester more carbon than the dry ice and fuel used in shipping. A big win for your family and the environment :)

Ordering Policies

Order totals are estimated

Since many items are priced by the pound, your final total may be a little more or less than your order's initial estimated total. Once finalized, your total will be charged to your credit card on file and your receipt will be emailed.

Payment is required before delivery

We accept all major credit/debit cards as our sole payment method. At the time of placing your first order you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account. Once finalized, your order's total will be charged to your card on file and your receipt will be emailed. If you would like to pay by check you can learn more here: Pay By Check

Short stock items

Please understand that we are small farm not a large warehouse. If an item becomes unavailable your final total as well as any applicable delivery fees will be reduced.