How To Earn Store Credit With Referrals

We rely on faithful customers like you to spread the word about our mission for healthy families and healthy soil.

If you have friends, family, or coworkers who are interested in regenerative agriculture and good food this could be a great way to earn some easy store credit.

How It Works

You get your own referral link and you can share it online (think Facebook or email) or in print. When others use your unique link to create an account on our site you get a $5 credit and they get a $5 sign on bonus for joining. It is a win win for everyone. 

Easy Steps

1. First if you don't already have an account you will need to create one (don't worry its free).

2. Next  log in and go to your account.


3. Then Click "edit my account". 


4. On the bottom left hand side of the screen you will see the option for "referrals". Click it.


5. You will see your code which you can easily copy and paste to share as well as how many people have used your code. 


6. That's It. It is simply that easy for you to earn store credit while spreading the message of pure food and family friendly agriculture. Thank you.

Your Farmers - David, Mariah, and Baby Judah Boatright