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A Sound Full Of Life

posted on

April 18, 2021


Today I want to share a sound with you. 

Haha, I know that "sounds" (no pun intended) crazy but hear me out ;)

Over the last few weeks we have discussed how we manage the cattle on our farm in a regenerative rotational system. 

In this way the cattle graze the grass (our solar panel) and keep it at an optimal height and are then moved to a fresh sward. 

In the process the cattle trample old grass to the soil surface (mulching), lightly disturb bare soil allowing new seeds to establish, promote soil health by stimulating plant roots through light grazing, and fertilize the field. Wow!

Along the way our cattle are nourished by extremely nutrient rich forage; nutrients that can then be passed on to our families when we partake of regenerative grazed beef!

From cancer fighting nutrients like CLA and Omega 3 to essential vitamins like B12 to trace minerals like Iron and Zinc......

Not to mention the incredible taste and flavor of 100% grass fed to finish beef! 

By managing the farm in this manner it is a major win for the animals, the soil, the wildlife, and all of our families. Each and every year the health of the soil improves, we produce even more nutrient rich food, and nourish more families! 

But this only happens if the cattle are actually raised in a regenerative grazing system!

​Unfortunately most "grassfed" and "organic" beef isn't raised in a regenerative grazing system. Most spend a large portion of their lives in a "grassfed or "organic" feedlot where they eat distillers grain byproducts (technically considered a forage).

They are not part of healing the land,

They lack the essential nutrients our families need,

And supporting that system is not a win or the animals, the land, the wildlife or our families.

In fact it hurts all three. Not to mention our pocket book.

I don't mind investing my money in high quality products (food included) that I believe is really making a difference for me and having a greater positive impact in the environment and community but what a double sting to pay extra for something that is in fact doing the opposite!

So that is why I want to share this sound with you.

It is a sound that only truly regeneratively grazing grassfed beeves make!

It cannot be faked or replicated.

It means that land is being restored...

Wildlife communities strengthened...

And it means that families will one day be nourished by nutrient rich food.

It is my favorite sound on the farm!

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