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Beyond Organic Pasture Raised Chickens

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June 10, 2020

As you saw our chickens spend their lives on lush pastures.

Unlike most organic chicken that is raised in a confinement house with limited outdoor access :( (that might just be a dirt lot)

Our birds always have pasture whether they are inside the house or outside it, and they eat a lot of it!

With full access to bugs, seeds, lush forage, and a supplement of non gmo grains our chickens are incredibly flavorful and packed with nutrients!

Moved to fresh pasture daily, our chickens also perform an important role on our pasture based farm by eating bugs and other pest insects, naturally  sanitizing the fields by scratching through everything, and fertilizing the fields with all natural fertilizer (chicken poo :)

This in turn grows more lush verdant grass which sequesters more carbon in the soil and builds more organic matter that then grows even more grass producing even more grass fed beef and lamb and pasture raised chicken in an ongoing cycle that produces more nutrient rich food every year while simultaneously healing the land! 

Its a win, win, win situation!

And speaking of that........ This is the time of year we have the most chicken available for the whole season and when our cost to produce and store it is the lowest. So we like to share those added savings  with you during our Annual Summer Chicken Harvest event. 

This year we are going to kick off the 5 day event towards the end of June (we haven't set an exact date yet as it depends on when our next batch of chicken arrives back from the processor (they have been taking a little longer than normal to process our birds this year)

If you want to get email updates on the event including  the exact time of the event, special early access, and extra special day one deals then 

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