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Cows Out For A Stroll

October 26, 2019

The cows are used to being moved onto fresh pasture frequently and so they will follow us anywhere......

Even down the road.

They just need to hear their special call. "Come Cow"

Haha I know not the most creative but they won't come unless they hear that. They know it means fresh pasture. 

We take great care in the way your grass fed beef is raised!

-Gentle handing (you can see they are quite tame in the video)

-Lush nutrient rich forage-And allowed to express their natural instinct (grouping to eat and moving frequently - which incidentally heals the land a win win!

Combined all of these contribute to some amazing grass fed to finish beef!

Tender, flavorful, and packed with nutrients and .....

When you provide it for your family  - you are actively supporting regenerative agriculture not to mention your health!

Which leads me to a big announcement-  Our 2019 Beef Harvest Sale is coming soon!

In the late fall most of our grass fed to finish beef is harvested. At this time we have an incredible seasonal abundance and very little of the freezer and inventory costs that accrue as the year goes on. 

For this reason we are able to offer our best prices on Grassfed beef for the entire year!

We hope that the extra savings we can pass along to you and your family can allow you to stock up - saving even more money and allow you to feel the blessing of participating in seasonal abundance!

But in order to get your exclusive email invite to the sale you need pre register!

Pre register by clicking here - It literally only takes a second clicking the link is what registers you :)

Once you do you are all set and will get the sale update emails and an exclusive launch invite. 


Your Farmer,


David Boatright

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