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New Lambs and Pickup Locations

February 28, 2018

New Lambs and Pickup Locations


As you know on the farm we try to work with nature instead of go to war with nature. Practically that means we raise climatically adapted animals, accept a seasonal rhythm to our work, and that we try to plan our animal births for pleasant weather (spring and fall) and an abundance of green pasture.

But this winter we have had quite a surprise! You see..... about 1/3 of the sheep have given birth in the last month. While they are impossibly cute they are also way early. Last summer we waited an additional three weeks to remove the males from the herd and they apparently made ample use of the time. 

We feel blessed that the weather turned warmer towards the end of January and has been pretty amiable for February. Despite the cold the young lambs are doing quite well. A testament to hardy genetics and fantastic mothers. 


In addition to our lambscapades Mariah and I had an opportunity to visit White Oaks Pastures in Georgia. They practice large scale regenerative agriculture and welcomed us down for a tour. We learned a lot from the trip and Mariah got a few ideas for a BNB cabin she has been dreaming about starting.

Our goal in visiting farms is to learn better ways to restore the land through regenerative agricultural practices and how to better serve you - the families who trust us to provide nutrient rich food for them. We don't take that responsibility lightly. We are also trying to provide nutrient rich food for our family. Judah (our son) is our litmus test. We won't offer anything to another family that we don't believe would be safe, nutrient rich, and nourishing for Judah. That is a high standard, but it is a standard that you deserve as you seek out real food for your family. 

New Pickup Locations, Times, and Home Delivery

We want to serve you better! To do that we are now trialing home delivery and have added additional pickup locations. Want to learn more about pickup locations near you? Times, schedules, and more? 

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How Can We Help?

We earnestly want to provide useful information (recipes, guides, facts, information, how-to) to help you nourish your family. But we are not sure what would be most useful. Please take a moment to send an email to let us know what would be most useful for you. 

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It is an Honor to be your farmers!

-David, Mariah, and Baby Judah

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