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Frozen On Your Doorstep

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December 11, 2021

Watch the video to discover the hidden message when you dig a little deeper 🤠

Haha wow, that was a lot of fun to write. Can't say watching videos for secret messages comes up in farm correspondence very often ;)

That said you really should watch the video above to see what I'm talking about.

So I wanted to share with you some big changes we have made to our shipping boxes to ensure everything arrives frozen or very very cold (even when Fedex drops the ball...)

First we start with a pretty neat heavy duty box....


I designed it myself as you will see in a minute once you watch the video.

Then we have two special heavy duty insulated liners.

Both are fully recyclable and do a great job - they can both keep your order frozen for 2+ days!

If you live closer to the farm you will likely get the liner pictured below. Its a recycled paper cooler about 2 inches thick.  Your order will also be inside the reflective bag which helps keep it extra cold - the bag repurposes great for keeping packed lunches cold :) 


If you live a little further away from the farm or during very hot weather, we will use this heavy duty cooler. It is also curbside recyclable!


After we select the right cooler we carefully pack your order and then add a little dry ice or ice packs to keep if cold if there are any delays.

We ship all the boxes on Tuesdays and your box of pasture raised goodness should land on your doorstep on Wednesday to Friday frozen or extremely cold - we send out an email with a tracking number so you can know just when it will arrive!

It can then be refrigerated or refrozen for later use :)

Have more questions about how our Home Delivery Program Works? Check out the Home Delivery - How It Works Page

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