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January Newsletter - Judah's First Steps

January 30, 2018

Judah took his first steps!!! Our little farmer-in-training has been standing up on things for months. For the past several months, we have thought Judah would be “walking next week.” But, our little guy was in no hurry to take the next step (no pun intended).

That all changed early this month when Judah turned, let go of the sink in our bathroom and calmly walked to Mariah who was standing across the room. We were stunned! It had finally happened! Since then Judah has continued to refine his skills: walking between toys, using objects as ladders to climb onto tall chairs, waving objects above his head while walking, and most recently mud throwing.

Check out the photo below for digital evidence, Judah had his first experience with mud. Needless to say, he loved it! Warm temperatures on a calm Sunday afternoon combined with his new found mobility turned into a great time for the whole family.After Judah shoved a handful of dirt into his mouth, my mind was drawn back to an experience we had several months before at a neighbor’s house. We were visiting on a warm afternoon when Judah had first learned to crawl. Standing in the neighbor’s driveway, Mariah went to set Judah down to play. Realizing what Mariah was doing the neighbor quickly explained that they had just sprayed their driveway and it wasn’t safe for Judah to be near.

I was stunned. Was there no safe place left for kids to play? Being restoration agriculturalists, we don’t use harsh chemicals or herbicides on the farm or at home. But just next door, not even the driveway was safe.That moment really highlighted for Mariah and I why we do what we do. Modern industrial agriculture has sold the culture on chemicals. Everything is sprayed with toxic chemicals: pastures are sprayed to  ”keep out the weeds”, crop fields are sprayed multiple times a year for weeds, bugs, harvest, and seemingly because the chemical company ran a sale, and fruits and vegetables receive nearly the same treatment.

The results of this system are devastating- soil is sterilized, beneficial insects are wiped out, water resources are tainted, and farmers become more and more reliant on industrial chemical companies. Even worse, the food produced from these sterile, chemical bathed soils is nutrient barren and has often been directly sprayed. In our country today, most families are not starving for calories they are starving for nutrients. One need only consider the myriad of health issues that are assaulting families today as evidence of the consequences of industrial agriculture and nutrient barren food.

Our farm is different. Our mission is to provide nutrient rich food that promotes healthy thriving families while restoring the health and vitality of the land. We want the best for our family, and we want the best for you too. By mimicking biological systems and utilizing animals in their strengths to promote the health of the soil and pasture we eliminate the need for chemicals, GMO’s, poisons, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides. When our soil is healthy and alive the food we produce is packed with nutrients.We won’t produce anything we don’t think would nourish Judah or use anything that we believe might harm him. That includes many “organic” chemicals.  The result: peace of mind. When we feed Judah from the farm's bounty, we are confident it is nutrient rich, free from chemicals, and safe. We call it family friendly food.

Do you want family friendly food? You will be able to taste the difference in your food, see the difference in your family, and experience for yourself the peace of mind that comes from watching your family thrive.

To your thriving family

Your Farmers,
-David, Mariah, and Baby Judah


David Boatright

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