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May Newsletter

May 29, 2018

If there were two words to describe the month of May, they would be “eager expectation.” Those words sum up so much of the month it is remarkable. But where to begin….

First, the eager expectation of warmer spring weather and grass! Thankfully, that expectation was fulfilled. Though, somewhere in all that we kind of missed spring and jumped right into summer.

Second, the eager expectation of new lambs. Their arrival is one of my favorite times of the year. There is nothing like watching a brand new lamb enter the world and begin to explore (somewhere around day three). By day ten, they are playing king of the mountain on piles of rocks. It is incredibly enjoyable to behold.

Next, the eager expectation of pasture chicken that the late spring delayed… well, only until This Friday that is.

Lastly, we are eagerly expecting the arrival of the newest member of our farm family. Did you catch that? Eagerly. Expecting. As many of you know our baby affectionately dubbed 2.0 (because we decided to wait to see if baby is a girl or a boy) was due May 23rd. Apparently 2.0 is plenty comfortable just where he or she is and isn’t in a big hurry to leave. So, we are eagerly expecting (no pun intended).

May also means a few popular items are back in stock! The Sirloin Tip Steak, Sirloin Steak, Rib Roast, Rump Roast, and Chicken Feet are all back in stock.

And…. Chicken cutup bundles will be available Friday morning!!! So watch for my email (I’ll send it out right when they are available!

We also wanted to say how blessed we feel to know you! It is the highlight of our month when we go out to drops and get to see you! Your words of encouragement, questions, and vibrant families are such a blessing. We are so thankful we have gotten to meet many of you and we look forward to seeing you each time. Many farmers we know complain about “consumers.” Our response- those “consumers” are our friends, our support network and  part of the team that makes restoration agriculture possible. Thank you!

We hope to show many of you the farm this summer.

Your Farmers and Friends,

-David, Mariah, Toddler Judah, and 2.0


David Boatright

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