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My Favorite Sound On The Farm

August 14, 2019

Hey its David,

This morning I wanted to share my favorite sound on the farm with you!

It is the sound of cattle grazing a fresh sward of grass and gently breaking off the ends of the grass plant.

Sounds strange?

It is actually incredibly relaxing and pleasant. 

Sometimes after moving the cattle to a fresh sward of pasture I will pause for just a few minutes and listen.

Did you hear it?

Pretty neat huh?

Like I said its is one of my favorite sounds on the farm. 

The crisp early morning, sunrise and birdsong is pretty great too!

Sadly its a sound that many "grass finished beeves" never make. 

Many (especially the "organic" ones) spend their lives in a cafo getting fed distillers grains and hay (technically classified as a forage) 

Many others never get the opportunity to make the sound either because they spend their lives on overgrazed short (I call them golf green pastures) pastures. 

However with rotational regenerative grazing practices and real grass fed to finish beef - Its a sound that can be heard on our farm nearly every day!

Want real grass fed to finish beef your family can enjoy with confidence? 

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David Boatright

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