No Bye Bye, Da-Da

April 17, 2019

Hey its David, ​
Today I wanted to share something close to my heart. 

This morning I came back inside from the new chicks, kissed my boys and Mariah (who were eating some breakfast) and turned and walked out of the room to wash my hands so I too could eat breakfast. 

Thats when Judah piped up,"No bye bye, Da-da."

That line hurt......​

He assumed I was leaving - an assumption that over the last few weeks would have been a pretty accurate one. 

Spring is always a busy time and the last week and a half have been especially intense. I have not been home (or at least not with my family how I like to be).

Judah's words pulled at my heart and reminded me what was most important. They pulled me out of the moment and made me pause to reflect. Not just on that moment but on this week.

This Sunday culminates the celebration of Easter - what I believe to be the most important event ever!

In fact, it is the motivation for all we do on the farm. As people of faith, we believe that regenerative agriculture and the redemption and restoration of the land and our physical health ultimately points to an even greater spiritual plan. God's plan of redemption for our souls. A plan that culminated on Easter 2000 years ago.

I got so caught up in the busyness that I had forgotten to take time to reflect on the most important things. It took the simple words of my son to get my attention.

So this is my challenge to you:No matter what you believe- please take time to think on what is most important and spend time with those who mean the most to you this week. 

Your Farmer,

David Boatright

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