Seeing Beauty In The Little Things

May 15, 2019

A few days ago I had to get up very early to finish tasks on the farm. Like 2:30am early. 

It was Sunday, and I wanted to finally make it to church service after missing it for two weeks (those Jersey milk cows are difficult to do on your own!) 

I can't remember what I was thinking about... it was probably something about the minutia of things yet to do. But when I stepped out of my front door, I beheld the Big Dipper shining in all it's glory.

My house was quiet, the world was calm, and this constellation has been shining beautifully for thousands of years ???? And I was just now noticing it.

Beauty is always there. We're just not always looking for it. 

And this spring, I hope you're able to see that same ever-present beauty in what's happening on the farm and in our (your life and mine) lives.

There are three big things that I see right now!

First, It's lambing season! 

Every day I go to see the sheep there are probably 50 new little lambs running around with their mothers. 

Sheep mothers are the best moms of any animal we work with. They want their lamb by their side 24/7. 

They do not tolerate distance apart, unlike our cows who often forget where they hide their calves. 

I have seen a sheep raise her leg and strike the ground impatiently as her lamb stopped following closely behind her. She gave it that devastating mom look that said, "You get your butt over here RIGHT NOW or ELSE...!!!!"

Second, Kelli and I are pregnant!


Some of you know this and have asked us, but I thought I should officially spill the beans so none of you feel awkward about asking.

YES! We are 30 weeks pregnant with a little girl who is going to be our first. We are so excited to raise our family on a farm, and that is exactly the quality of life we moved here for. 

We would appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

Third, my podcast is still going strong thanks to your passion and enthusiasm! 


Thank you for downloading, listening, reviewing, and giving feedback. I really appreciate it and it really helps me improve it as well.  

If you forgot about it, no sweat! There are still only 6 episodes published, and the newest came out just this morning. However, I recently made the change to publish 1x per week rather than 1x every 2 weeks. So if you love it you will be able to get a lot more of it. 

Kelli and myself are both proud and humbled to be your farmers (that's oxymoronic). 

We are so happy you have allowed us to bless you with the abundance we see every day on the farm. 

We pray for you and your families every morning. We thank God for the trust you've placed in us, and that you would see His spiritual plan of redemption through our physical redemption of the land.

My challenge for you today is to take a minute to see the beauty in the simple things happening in your life right now.


Your Farmers,
-Austin and Kelli Williams

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