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The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!

April 28, 2018


The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!! Many of you have been asking when we will have chicken breasts, thighs, and wings again (Mariah has been too). While the cold weather had delayed our chick starting,  we are super excited that we now have a batch out on pasture that will be ready in about a month.

We will be offering our first ever flock bundle that will include chicken breasts, thighs, wings, and drumsticks along with 15 minute recipes and maybe even a bonus cut of chicken that we have never offered before…..

After we harvest the birds we will offer extra special savings on the bundles for the first series of pickups. By offering the chicken in bundles, we won’t have the cost of freezer storage like we do for the chicken sold through the winter, so we want to pass the savings on to you!

We will keep you updated on the status of the bundles-  so keep an eye out  for those in your inbox!

As I mentioned above, the cold spring has slowed several things down… including the grass growth. After I finish typing this I will head out to the cows to turn them out to pasture (they have been eating hay).

I am excited about this and they are too! Our planned grazing system restores the health of the soil and plant community (not to mention how great it is for the animals and wildlife), I am always super excited to begin again each spring.

As the animals go out to pasture there is something truly incredible and awe inspiring about the synergistic and symbiotic systems of nature. Often I will pause for just a moment to say a prayer of thanks and enjoy the wonder of God's creation.

We hope you all are able to get out and enjoy the spring weather and we hope to have many of you out to the farm this summer to see firsthand where your nutrient rich food is being raised.

We will keep you posted as the season unfolds about a few official farm days and tours, but as always, if you are in our area (the middle of nowhere) feel free to give us a call and stop in. We would love to show you around!

Spring blessings to you all!

Your Farmers,

-David, Mariah, and little Judah

P.S. Check out the photos below to see what we also love about the spring....
New baby animals on green pasture. Lambs, chicks, and even new guard dog pups!




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