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A2A2 Yogurt

A2A2 Yogurt

1 Quart

A2A2 Yogurt - 1/2 Gallon

-100% Grass Fed to Finish - Absolutely No Grain

-Extremely Nutrient Dense

-Cream on Top - No Homogenization

-Raw - Unpasteurized To Preserve Nutrients And Ensure Your Health

-Produced In A Spotless Parlor By Cows That Spend Their Lives On Pasture

-Cows Never Treated With Human Growth Hormone (RBST almost all cows are)

Learn more about the benefits of Raw Milk at

If you have never had real milk before you will taste the difference. The real milk has a stronger flavor that is much more pronounced due to a grass only diet. After a couple of weeks you won't notice it anymore and if you take a drink of factory milk you will wonder how you gagged the factory milk down all your life :)

The Details

- Fresh Yogurt in a plastic bpa free container

- Should last at least two weeks

When ordering yogurt, you are actually purchasing a quart of A2 milk at $4.00, and you are contracting us to turn your milk into yogurt for a $2.75 processing fee. 

By placing your order you agree to the following contract:


Contractual Agreement for the Production of Dairy Products from A Consumer’s Raw Milk

This Dairy Services Agreement (hereinafter “Contract”) is entered into on the date the order is placed through this website between the purchaser (hereinafter “Owner”), and Fed From The Farm LLC (hereinafter “Provider”).  Through this Contract, the Owner agrees to compensate Provider a flat rate for costs of supplies and labor rendered to convert the Owner’s raw milk into customized dairy products as outlined in this Contract.

Through this Contract, Provider, with Owner’s consent, agrees to take possession of Owner’s raw milk and through the utilization of his/her expertise, knowledge, training, equipment and facilities convert Owner’s raw milk into butter, cream, buttermilk, skim milk and any other customized dairy products agreed upon by Owner and Provider.

Owner declares and affirms that he/she owns the raw milk to be used by Provider for the making of dairy products. The Owner agrees to the temporary possession by Provider of that raw milk for the making of these dairy products.  Specific dates regarding the provision of the services shall be agreed upon by the Owner and Provider.

It is understood by both parties, and they agree, that Provider’s services will be rendered at 29775 Pony Path Rd Sedalia Mo that is operated by Provider.

It is understood by both parties, and they agree, that Provider’s cost of supplies and labor to produce any dairy product Owner specifies from an amount of milk Owner determines shall be charged at the following rates: Yogurt at 2.75 per quart ($2.75/qt.);

Payment shall be due upon delivery of the dairy products to Owner.

This Contract shall be effective upon execution and shall continue in effect until terminated by either party.  This Contract may be terminated by either party by written notice provided to the other party.  Such notice shall be given not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of termination.  Such notice shall expressly state the date that the termination is effective.  Notice may be given in person or by certified mail to the address of each party provided in this Contract.

It is understood by the parties that at all times during the pendency of this Contract that the ownership of the raw milk, and the dairy products to be made from the raw milk, remain the sole property of the Owner.  Provider takes no title or legal interest in Owner’s milk and does not have any authority to transfer, assign or sell that title to any third person.  It is also understood by the parties that the finished dairy products are not being sold, exchanged, or delivered between the parties, but that Provider is being retained by the Owner solely for the purpose of making customized dairy products.

This Contract is entered into and shall be construed under the laws of the State of Missouri. If Provider must cease production in order to comply with State of Missouri laws or regulations, it shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement.

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