Beef Slider Patties

Beef Slider Patties

6 l 2oz Slider Patties

The party just got a whole lot easier with our ready to cook beef slider, pre-portioned and ready to make

your friends and family even happier they came. These delicious sliders are sure to be a favorite with

their fun bite size charm. These can be made easily in the skillet, or slightly fired to perfection on the

grill. Whatever method you choose, you are going to love how these little patties leave a HUGE


These are made from our mouthwatering ground beef mix which is 85-15 meaning 85% lean beef 15%

brain nourishing beef tallow. This is the mix we have found to be the absolute best and our go-to

standard for getting that perfect juiciness and flavor!

Just like the rest of our Regenerative Beef, our ground beef comes from cows that are 100% Grass fed

and finished right here on our farm. Each 12 oz. serving (6 -2 oz. sliders) is individually placed in a

vacuum sealed package and immediately flash frozen to ensure it is the freshest beef patties you have

ever tasted.

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