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Best of Pork Box

Best of Pork Box

64 l 4oz Servings

Best of Pork Box Includes:

3 l 12oz pkgs. Sugar Free Bacon 

1 l 12oz pkg. Sugar Free Cottage Bacon 

4 l 12oz Bone in Pork Chops (2 Pkgs.)

4 l 12oz Boneless Pork Chops (2 Pkgs)

1 l 16oz Pork Shoulder Steak

1 l 2 lb. avg. Pork Picnic Roast 

2 l 1lb. Pkgs. Breakfast Sausage with Sage

1 l 1lb. Pkg. Italian Sausage

1 l 1lb. Pkgs. Ground Pork

The Best Pork You Have Ever Had!

√ Raised Outdoors

√ Beyond Organic 

√ Free Range

Our Pigs spend their lives foraging on our lush pastures and woods eating legumes, grass, seeds, insects, and supplemented with only NON -GMO grains. In their off time they relish in rooting and bedding in deep piles of wood chips!

Just like our other livestock the pigs are rotated across our fields and woods in a synergistic rotational grazing system designed to restore the health and vitality of the land while providing the best nutrient rich diet that the pigs were naturally designed to eat.

Their diverse diet and heritage bloodlines yield an exceptional end product that is dramatically more flavorful and moist than conventional pork. 
Of course it doesn't hurt that our pigs experience fresh air and sunshine unlike conventionally raised pigs. Simply put, if you haven't experienced our pastured pork you haven't had real pork.


Remember with every delicious meal you serve you are

-Nourishing your family
-Actively participating in healing the land
-Building a legacy of hope and healing

We are honored to serve you from our farm's bounty!

The Details

-Frozen and sealed in heat shrink packages to preserve freshness

-Each cut is individually packaged and labeled with cut name.