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Chicken Breast Fillet - Boneless Skinless - 8 Packs

Chicken Breast Fillet - Boneless Skinless - 8 Packs

16 l 4oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets - (Packed 2 Per Pkg. )

Two pasture raised boneless skinless chicken breasts per package. Experience the incredible flavor of our pasture broilers without having to handle a whole chicken! It will save you time cutting up the chicken and the inconvenience of having to prepare multiple birds just to a specific cut for a recipe. 

If you haven't experienced our pastured broilers you haven't had real chicken. Our broilers diverse diet of pasture, bugs, and non-GMO grains yields an exceptional end product that is more flavorful and moist than conventional chicken. Of course it doesn't hurt that our birds experience fresh air and sunshine unlike traditional broilers.

The Details

- Packed two per package

-Chicken breasts are boneless and skinless

-Sealed and frozen in heat shrink packaging to preserve freshness 

-Each package labeled with cut name


Need inspiration on what to make for dinner? Click on any of the links below to view two delicious recipes for each of the cutups. Spend more time enjoying time with your family and less time stressing about what to make for dinner!

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Fiesta Lime Chicken BreastsIts one of our family favorites :)

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