Deli Sliced - Uncured Sea Salt Ham

Deli Sliced - Uncured Sea Salt Ham

1 l 12oz. Pkg. Pre Sliced and Fully Cooked Deli Style Ham

A nutrient packed pasture raised treat ready to eat in minutes that will leave you and your family feeling good after you eat. 

Need a healthy meal in five minutes or just want to enjoy some guilt free sandwiches without having to think about the factory raised deli meat? Then these 1 pound packs of smoked and sliced deli ham are perfect. The slices are conveniently thin so meal prep is a breeze. Simply keep a package thawed in the refrigerator for convenient use or thaw out a package in the sink in 5 minutes if you get yourself in a pinch. Nitrate, preservative and MSG free!


pork, water, sea salt