Eggscription (2019 Subscription)

Eggscription (2019 Subscription)

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Pasture Raised Hens

What Is an Eggscription?

One dozen eggs per pickup - Eggscription members have first priority on eggs. So you are guaranteed to get them even when the hens lay less eggs. So if you would like 2 dozen eggs per pickup just order two eggscriptions. You can also request to only get the eggs for every other pickup (or any other schedule you want ). 

Common Questions

Can I Order More? - Yes! As long as they are in stock (we can only sell so many subscriptions) you can increase it. 

What if I Can't Make a Pickup? - You can skip a drop if you would like (just text or email us to let us know) or brighten your neighbors day with a surprise gift of a dozen eggs :)

What size of eggs will I receive? They will be in varying sizes but typically large to jumbo. Occasionally there may be a few pullet (small eggs) but we will try to offset those with other larger eggs in the same carton. Our goal for the eggscription is that it be an opportunity for families to share in the bounty and natural seasonality of the farm. At times this means the eggs might be large and at other times smaller. However you will always have the assurance that you are nourishing your family with the best!

Can I cancel? - Yes you can cancel at any time. 

How often are the pickups? - You can view all of our pickup locations, dates, and times Here