Power Blend: Ground Beef and Liver

Power Blend: Ground Beef and Liver

75% Lean, 25% Beef Liver

A quick, easy and incredibly reliable meat to fill your freezer with. Our ground beef and liver can be transformed into hundreds of nutrient rich and delicious meals in only a few minutes from freezer to fork. Whether it is a quick burger or tacos, or something a bit more elaborate, our ground beef and liver will make any meal extravagant in both flavor and quality. So gather the family, or invite over those special friends and

enjoy a meal together that everyone will remember!

Just like the rest of our Regenerative Beef, our ground beef and liver comes from cows that are 100% Grass fed

and finished. Each 1 lb serving is individually placed in a vacuum sealed package

and immediately flash frozen to ensure it is the freshest ground beef you have ever tasted.


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