Pet Grind: Meaty Ground Chicken Frames

Pet Grind: Meaty Ground Chicken Frames

1 l 16oz Pkg. Perfect For Raw Pet Diets
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Ground Chicken Frames -

Yep you heard right. Perfect for raw pet diets these are our meaty chicken backs run through our grinder. It reduces the bones to small digestible pieces for your pets and mixes them with delicious pasture raised chicken meat. The result is an incredibly nutritious snack or staple diet for your pets.

The Best Chicken You Have Ever Had!

√ All Pasture Raised

√ Beyond Organic 

√ Free Range

Our chickens spend their lives foraging on our lush pastures eating legumes, grass, seeds, insects, and supplemented with only NON -GMO grains.

Just like our other livestock our chickens are rotated across our fields in a synergistic rotational grazing system designed to restore the health and vitality of the land while providing the best nutrient rich diet that the chickens were naturally designed to eat.

Their diverse diet yields an exceptional end product that is more flavorful and moist than conventional chicken. Of course it doesn't hurt that our birds experience fresh air and sunshine unlike traditional meat chickens. Put simply if you haven't experienced our pastured chicken you haven't had real chicken.

Remember with every delicious meal you serve you are:

  • Nourishing your family
  • Actively participating in healing the land
  • Building a legacy of hope and healing

Thank you for getting the Chicken You Need - From A Farm Family You Trust.

The Details

-Each package contains 16oz of ground chicken.

-Frozen and sealed in heat shrink packages to preserve freshness

-Each cut is individually packaged and labeled with cut name.