What We Believe

We believe that health begins in the soil. A healthy soil grows healthy plants. These healthy plants take up more vitamins, minerals,and nutrients which in turn produce healthier animals. Finally, these nutrients are passed to the families who enjoy our farm fresh products.

We use planned grazing with our cattle and sheep to revitalize landscapes.The chickens follow the cattle sanitizing, debugging, and fertilizing the pasture. The impact of our herds on the soil breaks up hard ground which increases water infiltration and stimulates the growth of new seedlings. The herd impact also forces dead grass to the soil surface where it acts as a mulch. Earthworms and other biological activity break down this mulch into organic matter and new soil. The result: a vibrant healthy soil and diverse ecosystem that produces more grass, supports more wildlife, and produces more nutrient dense food every year.

A healthy soil means healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy families. When you purchase Fed from the Farm products you are supporting local, sustainable agriculture, the health and vitality of the land, and our farm family. Thank you.