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September 12, 2018 • 0 comments

A famous South Dakota recipe... an absolute favorite in our house!


  • (2 pounds) Beef Stew Meat/Fajita Strips
  • (3/4 cups) Worcestershire Sauce
  • (2 teaspoons) Liquid Smoke
  • (to taste) Salt/Pepper
  • (2 teaspoons) Chili Powder
  • (approx 2 tablespoons) Lard


1.Marinade meat in sauces and spices for 15-20 minutes

2. In a large skillet, add lard. When melted, add meat

3.Cook meat on medium high until cooked through and crispy

Ready to serve!

You could also do this on the grill as kabbos or deep fry!

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