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Hard Boiled Eggs

August 14, 2018 • 0 comments

Simple way to create the perfect hard boiled egg!



Place 8-10 eggs (preferably older eggs - fresh eggs don't peel as well) in large pot

Add water until eggs are fully covered with about 1in of water above eggs

Sprinkle baking soda over eggs

Bring to boil- once water is boiling, turn stove on low, place lid on pot and let sit for 17 minutes.  

Once they're finished, drain pot, then refill pot halfway with cold water and add 2 cups of ice (helps seal the deal and allows you to peel them sooner)

I let eggs sit for about 10 minutes in ice bath- drain water and then gently tap all sides of egg to crack the shell.  The egg shell should peel off in big chunks, leaving you with a beautiful hard boiled egg!

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