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Perfect Oven Cooked Coulotte Steak

March 9, 2023 • 0 comments

The Coulotte is actually one of my favorites! (Mariah) For a while, our grill was out of commission, so I looked up a way to do steak in the oven... Sounds kinda crazy.. but it was delicious! Steak tastes best when it’s thawed out at room temperature. So if you’re having steak for dinner set it out on a plate on your counter or in your kitchen sink in the morning. You’ll need a cast iron skillet because you’ll want to sear the steak on your stove top before putting in the oven. Season your steak on both sides with your favorite spices... we like it pretty simple... salt, pepper, garlic powder, maybe even a little paprika!Get your skillet super duper hot. You’ll probably want to add a little avocado oil (or beef tallow would be delicious!) Just be careful not to get burned by the splatter! Sear the steak on both sides, maybe a minute on each side. Then place in your oven on broil. It only takes 10 or so minutes, depending on how pink you like it! I’ve also cut this steak up into strips and used for fajitas or stir fry.... AH-mazing!! Again, thaw out at room temperature for a few hours first! (You could place the package in a bowl of warm water if you forget to set it out in the morning) Slice meat and throw it in the skillet with some beef tallow and add some chopped onions, peppers, salt, pepper, chili powder, and cumin seasoning. Now that makes some super tasty fajita meat! Or! Slice the meat into small strips and cook with tallow, salt and pepper, minced garlic, onions (plus any of your favorite veggies- we’ve used green beans, you could do peas, peppers, carrots... whatever you like!) Then add some coconut aminos and toss with riced cauliflower for a really yummy stir fry!! I haven’t had a Coulotte in a while... I’m getting hungry for one as I type this!! I hope it helps! Let me know how you like it! Enjoy!! Blessings, Mariah


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