Supplemented With GMO Free Grain

Animals were supplemented with Non-GMO grain while on pasture or seasonally accommodated in shelters. We like to call this heritage grain. To call it non-GMO evokes a negative image and sets the standard of grain as GMO. Its time we made a new standard: a heritage standard.

10 Pack - Breakfast Sausage - Sugar Free With Sage

10 l 1 lb. Pkgs. Click Above For More Information

Bacon Burgers

2 l 5oz Bacon, Beef and Pork Patties

Chicken Leg Quarters - Bone In

2 per Pkg. Click above to learn more

Chicken Skins

1 l 16 oz Pkg. Chicken Skins

Chicken Wings - 5 Pack

1.5 - 2lbs l 5-8 wings per package

Chicken Wings - Value Pack

1.5 - 2lbs l 5-8 wings per package

Duck Eggs

12 Pasture Raised GMO Free Duck Eggs

Pork Chops - Boneless

2 l 8oz Avg. Chops Per Pkg.

Pork Fat

1 l 3.5lb Bag

Pork Kidney

1 lb Pkg. Avg.

Uncured Ham Roast

1 l 2- 3.5 lb Uncured Ham Roast