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GMO Free

Just like it sounds. The cattle and sheep receive only pasture and the chickens are fed non GMO grain. We take care that even the mineral we use is GMO free.

10 Pack - Breakfast Sausage - Sugar Free With Sage

10 l 1 lb. Pkgs. Click Above For More Information

10 Pack - Deli Sliced Ham

1 l 12oz. Pkg. Pre Sliced and Fully Cooked Deli Ham

Chicken Breast Fillet - Boneless Skinless - 8 Packs

16 l 4oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets - (Packed 2 Per Pkg. )

Drumsticks - 10 Pack

30 l 5oz Drums Per Pkg. ( Packed 3 Per Pkg.)

King Cut Filet

1 l 8 oz steak per pkg.

Lamb Sausage

1 lb. Pkg. Click Above For More Information

Pork Fat

1 l 5lb Bag

Shoulder Chops

1 l 6 oz. Chop per pkg.

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