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Never Fed Antibiotics or Growth Hormones

The animal never received antibiotics or growth hormones at any time. Just so you know everything we produce and market has never received antibiotics or growth hormones. We are not wordsmithing either. When we say never fed we also mean never received, injected with, or supplemented with in any way. If our animals are sick we will treat them with the appropriate medicine; however if that treatment includes antibiotics the animal will be sold into the commodity market (where supermarket meat comes from).

10 Pack - Breakfast Sausage - Sugar Free With Sage

10 l 1 lb. Pkgs. Click Above For More Information

10 Pack - Deli Sliced Ham

1 l 12oz. Pkg. Pre Sliced and Fully Cooked Deli Ham

Chicken Breast Fillet - Boneless Skinless - 8 Packs

16 l 4oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets - (Packed 2 Per Pkg. )

Chicken Wings - 5 Pack

1.5 - 2lbs l 5-8 wings per package

King Cut Filet

1 l 8 oz steak per pkg.

Pork Fat

1 l 5lb Bag

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